Mommy dearest


I am 26, and circumstances being what they are, I have to move back in with you. Consider me a roommate.

This 'nurture and smother with love' face you are showing is not gonna work, you are still the same woman who treated me like garbage for the first 26 years.

You are not my mother, you are the slob that married my father and made me and my brother, whom you treated better than me, but still not particularly good.

I am moving in because you were too lazy to work for 2 years and got behind on all your bills too. I am moving back in not out of necessity, you are actually in the complete opposite direction of my work on one bus route.

I am moving back in to help dad. You can go fuck yourself.

And getting pissy because I gave the first rent check made out in dads name was uncalled for and selfish. I know if I give it to dad he will use it for bills, if i give it to you you will do something stupid and impulsive. You don't need new dishes and you have the shit to redecorate the bathroom 6 different styles. The rent money I am giving you is to go to your bills.

And stop telling me I owe you money, I don't, I owe it to dad. He borrowed it from his friend to give me, I owe him money and I already made the agreement with him when it would be paid back. so mind your business and grow up. —Not June Cleavers child

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