I'm so glad this is almost over!

To you, the selfish, blaming, manipulative piece of crap who's subletting from me: Thanks so much for throwing a favour back in my face by not paying rent on time and then blaming me for not being respectful of your boundaries.

News flash: Letting myself into the building and knocking on the door is not against the law! I can also, after knocking, let myself into the apartment. And both times, FYI, were because you failed to have the rent where you said it'd be, in the amount we'd agreed on, when you said it would be there. It's my apartment that I rented to you for cheaper than full rent to help your broke ass out! Big mistake!

My behaviour, while possibly annoying to you, is not illegal or grounds for you to not pay the rent. Here's a boundary for you: When you rent an apartment you have to pay for it, that's why it's called "renting" and not "staying for free." You've got enough money to pay your dealer, obviously. So where's my money, douchebag?! —Reluctant Landlord

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