Jay walkers on Quinpool

Ok, first of all, let me say I do not wish to intentionally, accidentally or otherwise hit someone with my vehicle.

I was driving down Quinpool in the right lane, some twit slows in the left lane to let some guy cross the street... which in all honesty is fine, if all the vehicles required to stop notice that there is a jay walker not walking but running from between the other cars.

When you said thank you for not hitting you and I said your welcome... regardless of what I said, you should have continued across the street. Not stop in front of me in the middle of the road with some warrior attitude asking' "WHAT? What'd you say?" And when I reply you're lucky I didn't run you over and kill you, you do not reply, " no YOU'RE lucky." Let me tell you buddy, exactly what I did stop and tell you then, YOU'RE the lucky one, because I am the one in the 2000 lb truck and you were jaywalking.

Not only would you be lying injured on Quinpool rd, but you'd likely get a ticket for jay walking too. I'd be on my way in my truck with a new found dent likely, and you'd still be lying on Quinpool rd, injured and scratching your head over a jaywalking ticket. So to everyone on the roads... DRIVERS, do NOT stop to let people jay walk on busy multi-lane streets, you then become somewhat responsible if and when they get hit by another car.

PEDESTRIANS, stop running across in front of moving vehicles... and if you're going to jay walk, don't freak out at startled drivers when they almost hit your dumb ass... Dumbass!!

And to clarify, I was paying attention, I did see him in time... barely, he just didn't seem to care whether I did or not and would have kept running had I not yelled at him. —I look for you if you look for me too...


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