Men-not all of you, but some of you...

I am saying men just because it's typically men I see that do it. So, gentlemen, please don't take offense so there's just some things that you do that drive service staff insane.

Talk to me, or talk on your phone. An 'I'll call you back, I'm at the check out' is not that hard. Now to be fair, women are just as bad for this.

Just wait in line. I do not need to hear your drum solo. Bang, hum, singing, tapping and knocking on shit while waiting for someone is distracting and fucking irritating.

And I know you're trying to help, but when you blow your nose at the table and then stuff your napkins in the still half full coffee cup, it's gonna make me sick when I clean the table. I have to touch it to get it out of there. Yes, of course I wash my hands-constantly but I still would rather not handle someones snot rags.

Don't ask me stupid shit. 'Whats good here?' Fuck knows, remember, it's rare that staff eats the menu items, we create shit. We have a kitchen at our mercy.

The service jokes that have played out... 'Can I have a big mac and large fries'... while in line anywhere but McD's. If you truly knew how often I have heard that. You would understand.

And going to a store and asking specifically for the winning 649 or lotto max. 'Is the winning one?' YES, of course it is. I have total access to the numbers and i chose to give it to you.

OK, I have NO CONTROL over the debit fee. I don't know where it goes, I can't stop it and I don't agree with it either. It's not illegal to charge fees for DEBIT, it is illegal to charge a fee for CREDIT. no one can charge it for credit because you are paying interest on your use of the card so you be charged not only the fee, but the interest on it.

In a typical day you are on about 30 surveillance cameras. The transit. banks, stores restaurants, and traffic cameras. So when I tell you I can not give you free shit or change the price, that is why. Yes, you have an adorable smile, cute as a button but the cameras above my head don't see it that way. The long and short of it: I have no control over the prices. And in most cases if I am caught changing the price it can cost me my job or what ever the difference in the price is.

I really don't mind giving directions and a little history to new comers, but please wait your turn if I am busy with customers you gotta give me a minute.

And I need a straight answer. 'Do you want tomatoes on it?' Staring at me and 'uuuuhhhhhmmmmm' is not the answer I need. It's not jury duty, it's tomatoes. do you like tomatoes? yes? good! I'm going to put them on your lunch.

Sorry if I offended anyone. I just had to get that out. I love my job, I can't imagine not working and having no reason to get up and do anything. I have been working since I was 13. and I enjoy interacting with people, and being helpful. 99% of people are generally polite and nice, but there is that obnoxious 1% that will make someone wanna quit their job and live underground. —Employee of the month

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