Re: "Smokers' Rights" - WTF

I`ve really HAD IT with candy-ass pathetic smokers and their so-called "rights": are you fucking kidding us with this bullshit?! It's 2010! Not the 1970s!

Typical addict victim-talk. I am disgusted by the number of street smokers in this town - more than any other I've seen in Canada or US. You people cluster in doorways like so many cockroaches, forcing anyone who actually cares for their health and/or has chronic lung disease (like me) to get gassed as we dodge through your cancer-stank to get to our jobs, homes, stores, etc.

Spring Garden Rd should be renamed Stink Garden Rd as it's getting ridiculous trying to make it down the street while still able to breathe...

I particularly love the handy catch-all excuse: "there's air pollution anyway". Fuck off. That's like saying it's not so bad to murder an individual person because, sadly, yep, there's war go'in on and people being killed all over the world. You are the ONLY addicts that can directly damage other innocent people's health with YOUR addiction - with the exception of pregnant addicts.

You wanna exercise some rights, dumbasses, how about your "right" to pay for every cent of your healthcare, which you drain from this province more than any other. Or the rights of farmers exploited by the tobacco industry (which profits from killing you).

Lobbying continues, and soon you`ll enjoy "the right" to be able to poison only yourselves, in the privacy of your own home or car. Suck on that. —Grow a pair and get into a cessation program

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