Think before you speak

You all know I was with my partner for 24 years and lived together for 22 years. Obviously, it was a difficult decision to end the relationship and the stupid comments aren't helping.

I don't want to hear things like "At least you didn't have kids" or "It's not like you were married"

None of that helps it just makes it seem like my relationship wasn't important and I should just be able to get over it and move on like nothing happened.

One of the idiots who made the "married" comment is divorced and they were only married for three years...I didn't say "Well at least you weren't together for 20 years" did I? No because that would be rude and stupid.

Don't tell me about guys you want to set me up's been less than a month for fucks sake. Just give me some time before I decide to start dating again.

Don't ask if he cheated on me. He didn't and neither did I sometimes relationships end and it has nothing to do with infidelity.

And please stop telling me that I should try to get money from him. I have a job, I can take care of myself. We divided up our assets as best as we could without going to court. We kept things civil and we're both going our separate ways. There is no need to make this into a lengthy battle that would only bring more pain.

Also, not even waiting a few hours before reminding me to change my marital status from common law to single on my tax and work forms is tacky. I would have gotten to it within the week. It's not the highest on my priority list right now. —Single again

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