Grow UP!

This is a personal bitch, not a general one:

Dear sister of mine,

You are older than me, but I still feel like your mother. I know we come from a messed up childhood, but if I can get my life together, so can you. How long do I have to carry you through life?

When you keep running off with men you've met online, and you find yourself with no money, and no way to get home, I always bail you out. I've let you live with me countless times because you literally have no place to go, but you treat me with disdain and rudeness.

It's not okay to steal money out of my wallet. Just because you look at something I own and want to possess it, doesn't mean you can just pick it up, walk away with it, and suddenly it belongs to you.

When I ask you to maybe do the dishes or sweep the floor, it becomes a huge argument, that I end up walking away from because I don't want to do something I'll regret. I'm not the person I was when I was younger, and I have more self control... lucky for you.

There's a reason why we were never friends growing up, and I hear you say all the time that you want us to be best friends, and yet you're a complete jerk. I feel conflicted because I don't like you very much, but you're the only blood family I have, so I try again and again to make this situation work.

You've put me into thousands of dollars of debt by stealing my property and charging things to my credit card, and yet I don't have the heart to shut you out of my life. My adopted family thinks I'm a moron for letting you live with me, and I agree.

At the end of the day, why can't you just be thankful you have someone who wants to help you get your life together, instead of disrespecting me? Anytime I try to talk to you about any of this, all you will say is "I'm not going to fight with you!" Do you know how frustrating that is? I'm not trying to fight, I'm trying to have an adult conversation about your behaviour, and that's all you can come up with. Every single time.

I feel like one of these days, there will be a fight (remember when we were children?) And you never came out on the winning side. I'm just saying. Grow UP!!! —Tired of wishing for the best out of people.

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