All apologies…

Recently a Bitch about a popular downtown eatery made it online when it shouldn’t have. A rant with information revealing which establishment the Bitch was bitching about, with malicious claims that could not be substantiated and are, by all signs, untrue. For this mistake I am very sorry.

To their credit the bitched-upon responded to the transgression with grace and understanding, which I am grateful for. This is indeed an uncomfortable lesson to learn the first few weeks on the job, but it’s one that I won’t forget.

Bitches, and Loves, have always been intended to be anonymous for the bitcher as well as the bitched. Not naming names is an obvious rule, but identifying details must be avoided too, and we will work harder to ensure this remains the case. Love the Way We Bitch has never been a place to settle vendettas, raze the competition or get back at a former boss, and we aim to keep it that way.

So please, dear bitchers and lovers, if you want to see your submissions online or in print ensure each one is truly anonymous or they won’t be posted. And that’s no fun for anyone, so let’s all try to play nice.

Robyn McNeil/Mod 4.0
Online Community Editor