If a messy desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, then what does an empty desk signify?

OK, every evening before I pack up to go home, I try my darndest to make my desk presentable for all those who happen to lay eyes upon it (and they usually only happen to lay eyes upon it when they are giving me something to do, which I always do efficiently and accurately).

I am sick of these neat freak types piling on the paperwork with one hand (the part I don't mind, since I like to think I'm getting paid to be useful) and chastising my piles of paper on the other. There is a method to the "madness". I have loads of desk space and you want me to just waste all that potential surface space? Those piles just so happen to be excellent visual reminders.

You want people to walk into the office and think that I have nothing to do? Why don't you go waste another 10 minutes clearing off your desk instead of doing your actual job and let me get back to mine?! —Someone who can look past the "surface"

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