Would a l little modesty kill you?

I have no problem with women breastfeeding in public places... but is it really necessary to do it in the shoe aisle at Value Village?

Just pulling one out of your already low-cut shirt and putting your baby to it, where EVERYONE can see EVERYTHING??!!

You could have gone to your car (I know you had one because I saw you get into it when I left) or at the very least, used the GD blanket that you had on your lap to cover yourself!!

I would have said something to you, as I usually speak my mind to anyone, but after your nasty reaction (really???) to a man that you caught looking (DUH!!), I figured you might haul off and slug me. You were trashy looking so I suspect you would have done just that.

Next time, don't be so "surprised & insulted" when men stare at you while you are hanging it all out!! Perhaps that was your intention... —Boob + Baby = Blanket

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