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A resume bitch... I get handed 5-10 resumes a day. I will throw them out if there are more than 5 spelling mistakes. "If u have a cvr letter in Txt type" it gets thrown out. It shows you're immature and illiterate.

Employers know it's a resume, you don't have to title it RESUME in 38 font. It shows laziness that you just put it there to take up room on the page.

I'm kind of on the fence about multi-coloured paper, I have seen resumes in pastel green and pink papers, they were nicely done and stood out well, but I don't know if they get taken seriously. When in doubt, just go with stock plain white.

I'm just speaking for the retail, hopsitality and food service, to me, personally, I don't care if you have tattoos, piercings. It's who you are. You can be sleeved in tattoos and have 66 holes in your face alone. If you have a wicked resume, you start Monday.

It is a good idea to have an email address on your resume, it shows a little computer savy and another method of communication. porn_queenxoxo@... and 420allday@... will be thrown in the garbage. Hotmail is free, get your first initial dot last name and birth or

I know you might not have a lot of experience and that fine, everyone gotta start somewhere, if you are stuck and need to lengthen your resume, include up to three references. volunteer experiences, even if it was gift wrapping for the cancer foundation at Christmas, it's something. It shows you're proactive and you have compassion. If you were working somewhere for less than one pay period, don't include it on your resume.

Most importantly, be honest. If you say you are available all weekend, I will shift you on weekends. I do not want a phone call saying you can't work Saturdays. If you rely on buses to get you to and from work, mention that. I don't want you stranded in the middle of the night because you said you could work till close.

And employers, if you're going to advertise a job, give the applicant the job you advertised. If you advertised that it was day shift, don't put them on nights. If you say 30-40 hours a week give them 30-40 hours a week. Most people can't afford to go too long without a decent pay check. Without our staff, we don't have a job either. Stop treating your staff like slaves. —I'm sorry if i offended anyone, i just had to get that out.

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