A coffee shop is the enemy, not hunger and poverty?

Why do you protest the G20, G8 ? Would you prefer that the powerful nations did not communicate openly? Would you prefer no communication? War?

Capitalism is our system, it is not perfect, but here in Canada unlike East Africa you likely wont die from the flu, you you wont get a 4000 year prison sentence for an act of homosexuality in public, and you certainly have the right to protest... Why not hope Canada can meet with other powerful nations and spread our opinions and influence? But hey, that's just my opinion and you have every right to your own.

Here's the part that you gotta work on:

Throwing bricks at store windows only makes your whole cause look like a joke. Next time these people come to your protest to fight police and damage hard working Canadian's property you should let them know, as a majority, they are not welcome. —Amaturetest

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