The Bitch Who Stole Canada Day...

To the bitch who decided to prance herself and her little friend into the middle of the seated area and shake her ass in front of all the people who had secured their seats since 2 in the afternoon... give your self-centered little head a shake!

Then when asked to sit down you sat down for a couple of songs then proceeded to pick up every empty chair you found and pass them to the front so EVERYONE in the standing areas could come in and push all the seated people aside.

I don't give a fuck if you feel entitled to make everyone else there enjoying the show just as much as you (but seated) feel belittled by you, because you are young and cute. You and all the other self serving little bitches like yourself (yeah, you little narcissistic brats who slinked your way to the front to stand in front of the people in the white plastic chairs) need to realize that the world does NOT revolve around YOU!

Little kids, the elderly, people who can't stand for long periods have just as much right to enjoy a concert as YOU! —Someone who wishes common courtesy wasn't a thing of the past

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