Drivers License Renewal..... OMG!!!

You MUST go to the Motor Vehicles Service NS office to renew your drivers license. You can't do it online because they need to get a picture of you. OK. I get it. Why, though, do you have to wait in the same line with literally a hundred other people who are there doing all sorts of other things? Why is it that the three people at the cameras who are sitting on their hands most of the time can't take payment AND take your picture AND give you a new license? Why do you have to wait in two lines?

I was number A150 when I arrived. I was dismayed to see that the first "A" number after 5 minutes was A67. After 30 minutes, it was A73. 6 numbers in 30 minutes. A quick calculation told me it would be a 12 hour wait, unless a few people died waiting! And we call this SERVICE Nova Scotia? Someone must be getting serviced somewhere, but let me tell you, it wasn't there!

This is a BROKEN process, people!!!! When are we going to fix it?!?!?! —Better ways to spend my lunch hour... I mean ... my day!!!!

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