I work for my money.

Fuck off to the guy in the red shirt that I gave $2 to for the "ferry". You said you needed to get home to pick up your kid or some shit. I doubt you have a kid, and if you do I feel sorry for the thing because it has a shitty dad. I saw you about 20 minutes, later, not on the ferry to get your kid but harrassing some other busker for his money. Looks like he was smart and denied you, but you swore at him.

I played for 3 hours in the hot sun for my measly 15 bucks. It's not that I miss the two bucks, but if you had actually needed some money I probably would have given it to you, but instead you lowered my trust of strangers yet another notch. I knew you weren't getting on the ferry because you didn't even know the correct fare. I TOLD you I didn't trust giving money to people. Fuck you and your lies. Fuck. —Baritone

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