Money isn't everything

First of all, I wanted to tell you right the fuck off but you were the "friend of a friend" that ended up squeezing his way into our girls night and they begged me not to cause a scene and I respect my friends so I didn't.

I'm just here to get shit off my chest and then move on. So lets go...

You showed me a picture of your boat 5 fucking times. I get it, you have a boat, I don't give a shit that you have a boat and I'm not impressed that you have a boat and when you weren't showing the picture of the boat you would just say random things like, "Yup, Canada Day was a great day to be out on my boat" or "Tomorrow is supposed to be nice... nice if you own a boat anyway".

Then you inssisted on buying a round of drinks even though we all asked you not to because we had cut ourselves off but you just got them anyway which is why they sat on the table untouched. Don't ask us "what truck ran over you" because we didn't look were the reason we didn't look happy because you're an arrogant fucking douche-bag but you're our friends boss and we didn't want to get her in trouble by telling you that.

Then you mentioned your "travels" how you have fun on your "travels" and you can just travel whenever you want and maybe you hit the South of France this year. BIG FUCKING DEAL. First of all 3 of the 4 of us have been to the south of France so that didn't impress us and 2nd, I have been on every continent excpet for Antarctica and have traveled around the world but I didn't mention it because it wasn't relevant to the conversation and I didn't feel the need to brag about it like you obviously did.

btw, we also didn't find it impressive when we told you we called a cab and it would be here in 15 minutes then you called again 2 minutes later and asked where the fuck it was. We were OK waiting 15 minutes so just shut the fuck up.

Then you kept talking about the fucking condo, "I have a condo on the ocean" you said, so (still trying to be polite, hoping that you would learn to have a normal conversation) I said, "Oh really where?" and you said on the Bedford Highway. Then my friend said, so it's on the Bedford Basin? and your reply was "NO... it's on the OCEAN!!!!"

None of us wanted to hear about your condo or see your condo, you think you would have gotten the hint when you were told that we've seen condos before, we don't need to see yours.

Btw, yelling at the cab driver for taking 15 minutes to pick us up and demanding he kept repeating your name in his apology (for being on time) was embarrassing and rude.

Don't worry, I get it, your have zero personality, are extremely overweight, smell bad and an arrogant pig so money is the only thing you have to offer someone but being a cunt about it all night really doesn't help. —Can't buy me love

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