The Last Waltz

Ok, I know not everyone likes the bands that play here but I enjoy a good concert. I don't have to LOVE the band, but as long as I don't hate them I usually have a good time.

I make enough cash that I can spring for concert tickets without bending the budget so I usually go to anywhere from 5-15 shows a year.

Having to go get refunds for 2 concerts in a matter of weeks is pretty fucking irritating, though. What the fuck!? I'm sure there's valid reasons for cancelling but there are fans here that are excited about bands coming to Halifax because it's really kind of a treat to see.

And concert promoters want us to buy advance tickets (which I generally do) but the advanced ticket holders get fucked over in so many ways.

Your 22mm rainfall in a 3 hour span might sound like a great deal unless you're aware that there's probably not going to be a fucking monsoon on the Commons that particular evening.

I went to one show with advance tickets only to find that security wasn't able to handle the crowd outside who were getting rowdy in the "pay at the gate" line up so they let them in for free. So now all I have to do is not buy a ticket and act like a douche-bag?

You're not making me want to get advance tickets to shows when I feel like I'm going to get screwed. And don't fucking whine to me saying that you count on the advance ticket sales... I was there with you, tickets in hand and bought in advance and I count on actually seeing a show, not having to get a fucking refund. —This is the end my friends

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