Why does it have to cost so much to live in NS?

I've lived in lots of other places, and those of you tried and true to NS will probably tell me to go back there, but why is it so expensive to actually "live" in Nova Scotia?

Yes, house prices are reasonable compared to some places in other provinces, but really, that's all it really has going for it price wise. We pay 15% tax, we have the most expensive universities (and no one who graduates usually stays here b/c jobs are mostly due to nepotism), and we just shut our mouths and pay pay pay...we pay more on our personal tax returns, we pay more in a lot of ways.

I love NS, I really do, but it's too much, especially when all you hear about is politicians spending our tax dollars on their home entertainment systems. Even more frustrating are the amount of unemployed (by choice) individuals, who claim they want to work, but won't work for minimum wage, who don't help out... so frustrated and tired of paying so much to live where I love:( —I hate taxes in NS!

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