Broken beer bottles where kids swim!!

What the fuck is wrong with people? To the gents who left their broken shards of beer bottles hidden in the water just off shore at Paces Lake, where my young niece, nephew, and my entire family (grandparents included) have been swimming unscathed our entire lives. YOU FUCKING ROCK!!

My nephew sliced his foot open and had to be rushed to the hospital to get stitches, he was scared shit less. Sadly I know most of the people who swim there. A lot of you have kids too. So next time, if you accidentally smash a bottle or drop garbage please remember that your moment of stupidity and laziness could possible injure someone's child. So bend your ass over and pick up your shit.

To the handful of hooligans who are new to the lake. (These are your typical hicks who never grew up, who are more than likely responsible:

There ARE other people in this world you selfish morons. And if this was a lame attempt at recreating your even lamer high school years, if it was done deliberately, Well... Hell hath no furry as an auntie PISSED. If I had the patience, time, and money, I’d wait behind the bushes until I roasted you fuckers. ASSHOLES

I cleaned up your mess, now clean up your act because I’m coming back, and you better pray that there isn't even a pop bottle cap on the ground, because YES I am a crazy bitch with NO FEAR and when it comes to the safety of the people I love, you might as well lock me up. Make no mistake, I will tear you a new one.—Lunatic Auntie on the Lose

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