Have some common sense... or, another bus bitch

I'm going to try to avoid ranting & raving about how people don't understand how public transit works and how inconsiderate a lot of people who ride the bus are. Instead, here is a recap of the few rules of riding the bus, which should be common sense...

1. Move to the back of the bus.
2. If you're young, healthy, fit, etc. please a) don't sit up front or B) if you do, offer your seat to elderly, pregnant, injured people etc.
3. Don't jack the volume so everyone can hear Ke$ha's latest piece of shit hit. PERSONAL HEADPHONES.
4. Offer the driver some love. A simple "hello" or "thank you" can make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE.
5. Don't put your purse, bag, etc. on a seat. If you don't want to sit next to someone, don't take a PUBLIC BUS!
6. If you need/want to sit, simply ask a person to move their purse, or if they would give up their seat. Most people are too self-absorbed to notice others and it's not fair to get riled up if you can't even ask them to move in the first place.
7. Understanding, patience & less self-absorption... we're all in this together, on these stuffy & overcrowded buses. If we all got our heads out of our asses, we could make it much simpler & less stressful. It's about RESPECT and COMMON SENSE, let's be good to one another, one bus ride at a time. —Aware transit taker

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