Do your job right!

This is to the little blonde waitress that served my friend and I:

We had 2 separate bills (2 separate meals to ourselves). My friend got her meal and you informed me that my meal will be out shortly... My question for you is why did my meal come 5-6 minutes later than my friend's? Shortly to me is about 1-2 minutes. By the time I got my meal, my friend was half way done, leaving me to catch up. When you came by to check up on things, I brought this to your attention. You claimed that you had left a note to the kitchen that you wanted my pasta and my friend's pizza at the same time, and they didn't follow through to the exact minute. Plus you didn't want to leave my friend's meal sitting there getting cold. You apologized for the wait and offered to refill our drinks. Um, no thanks! If I wanted a refill I would have asked, you twit!

It was great for you to apologize but that doesn't cut it; when two people eat out it's not hard to time separate meals to the minute.

Hey, what do I know, I've never been a server? But you still fucked up. That 3-4 bucks of a tip you found on the table after we'd left was from my friend only, I didn't contribute a cent to it. —Won't come back unless I can get someone competent to serve me!

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