Disrespectful Deli

I walk up to the counter to be served. A big smile on my face because it's been such a lovely day. You look at me for a moment, then completely disregard me for about 3 minutes or so while you talk to your co-worker about your plans to go to the Palace... I patiently wait for you.

You come over, look at me like I'm bothering you, and say nothing. I ask about a particular deli meat selection that I saw in the flyer (I'm still smiling). You still say nothing.

So I ask you if you know what it is I am referring to. You rudely say "Yeah". So I ask if I could please have 100 g of it. You suck your teeth, roll your eyes, and then look at me like I've just asked you the most annoying question in the world, and then still say nothing... This is your job !!!

I say "Thanks anyway, I'll go somewhere else." and walk away.

I know I had to have been one of many that experienced your bullshit customer service this evening. Bad day for you or not, you were just plain ignorant and disrespectful.

I did go somewhere else, and will continue to do so. —I can get my meat anywhere

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