The Coast Classics....."THE PUPPET BITCH"

(Ed. note OL beat me to it...) For those who missed it the first time around or those who want to reminisce... voila... the infamous puppet bitch:

"HaliFUCK Culture Scene"
Posted on Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 1:34 PM

"What the fuck is up with the culture scene in HaliFUCKS??! Shit! I moved half way cross the country to this fucking city for school, and its deadd!

Fuck, where I come from you could sit out front a building and whip out a puppet, and fucking marionettes would gang round from everywhere. Muthafuckers would be whippin off they socks and drawin faces on em to get in on the action. Shit! Man, this stuff went down daily! Round this fuckin shit spot they anint nothin. Nothinn! Fuck! I took my puppets down to fucking Murphy's wharf and not one fuckin soul joined me! I fuckin had to do Mid Summer Night's Dream by my fuckin self! Shit, man, back home we used to find a fuckin cardboard box in an alley, cut a hole in that muthafucker, and put on a fuckin puppet show. What the fuck is wrong with you Halifax??!!! Shit, it pisses me off too much to even write bout! ---puppet master" —OL

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