Men are decent poeple, it's the women they're with that are the problem

Lines from actual break up conversations:

"He has his ex on his facebook so I told him it's over if he still talks to her." Wtf are you doing searching his friends on his facebook? And what business is it of yours if he still talks to her? Could there be a reason? Not all break ups are a horrific. Maybe they're still friends. Or have a mutual friend. Did you actually ask him why he has her on his facebook? no of course not, that would mean you would have to admit you were searching his shit. So maybe he's talking to her for advice on how to ditch your nosy ass.

"He got three texts from her the other day." Again with the facebook argument, what the hell were you reading his texts for? If he searched your phone you would start a riot.

"He never puts the seat down". Are your hands broken? You can't do it yourself?

"He ignores me when he is watching UFC pay per views." They're about 50 bucks a pop, you're free. Give him 4 hours of peace.

"He is cranky when he wakes up." Could it be because you make every decibel of noise possible and you woke him up? But if he did it to you...

"I hate his friends." Because they have picked up on what a total bitch you are and tried to warn him about you.

This is why I can't find a decent man. They have been polluted by these poisonous women and expect every woman to be a total head case.

You can't just love him, you have to love him and trust him. Trust and love are hand in hand. You can't have one with out the other. If you think you only have one, you have neither. Break up or suck it up and learn to trust him. —Single Again.

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