Tommy Can You Hear Me?

For the 2 little peeping toms who caught me wandering around my apartment naked:

It's my apartment, it's fucking hot outside and I'll walk around naked if I want.

And why, on earth did you tell your mother? Why didn't you do what other 10 and 11 year old boys do and look, giggle and shut up about it?

According to your bitch of a mother you ran back to your apartment and said you could see a naked lady from the window. Thanks a lot for sending that giant ugly beast you call "Mom" over to my door.

I answered (fully clothed by the way) and didn't even get to say a word before she started calling me a slut!

How the fuck am I a slut because I am in my apartment naked which you little fuckers can only see into if you stand on top of the dryers in the laundry room of your building?

The only room that doesn't have curtains is the kitchen and yes, I was naked from the waist up letting my dukes take a breather in the freezer and it felt fucking amazing!

I hope your mother relayed my message, that if I catch you peeping again I'll call the police. Though, honestly, I don't give a shit that you peeped, it's your loudmouthed mother that pissed me off.

I also hope she liked my response to her inane question of what kind of damage I thought I did to her little boys. I told her that it's probably good for them to see what a healthy womans body looks like.

Then I slammed the door in the bitches face. —These are the boobies in your neighbourhood

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