This should not annoy me as much as it does


People who constantly embellish or completely make up stories on such a grandiose scale that it makes everyone who is listening uncomfortable because they all have to humour this person by not totally calling him/her out on their obvious lie.

Some would advise to call them out, but really... it’s not worth it. This type of person is always one who will make a big show of being called a liar. They will huff and puff and insist that their story is true.

Sometimes it is a small enough lie to be semi-plausible (I drank 19 beers last night) but deep down you just know they are lying. Occasionally something will be too huge to let slip past and that is when you bring the smack down on them (and even then only if you are willing to devote the, ultimately ill spent, time and effort into the process of refuting this asshole).

I don’t know if this personality type is a widespread phenomenon but in the few people that I have met who do this, it is wholly unappealing and childish. I can imagine that it might even be a bit endearing if it were some old guy in a pub telling you how big of a fish he once caught, but I have yet to meet this quaint fisherman.

Honestly if you do this and you are reading this please try to catch yourself next time you decide to spice up your plain story with elements of hyperbolic fiction. It is cute when you’re 6 but not when you’re twenty. —Tadallagash


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