Don't Toddle!!!!


To the woman who crossed the parking lot in front of a Bedford Mall:

First of all, there were two crosswalks at either end of the intersection and yet you chose to walk across the center holding up cars in 3 directions no matter which way traffic was turning.

Actually, that brings me to my second point...the decision didn't seem to be yours as you allowed your small child to slowly toddle across the street in whichever direction she chose.

PICK UP YOUR STUPID FUCKING KID!!!! She can barely walk, you had no bags, no stroller, no reason not to pick up the annoying little shit. You were crossing in front of traffic taking 2 minutes for a 5 second walk. I was the one who blew my horn at you when you stood in front of my car and watched as the kid bent over and pulled at her shoe.

Yeah, I made her cry and you gave me a dirty look. Luckily my horn served as a warning to the car who was turning left...directly into the lane that your child was now sitting in.

You almost had a flat little toddler pancake because you're such a moron.

I get it, you held the little fucker for 9 months and thought you never had to again...wrong, stupid. Her safety is your responsibility and I doubt she'll make it past the Huggies Pull-ups stage with a twat like you in charge. —Children? Speed Bumps? Who can tell these days?


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