Fuck You City of Halifax!


So I've been living where I'm living for the last 2 years, and for some reason the last few weeks, they haven't been taking my recyclables.

Now for 2 years I've been recycling the same way I've always done, separating my bottles and cans from all my cardboard. I use clear plastic bags for both so the pick up guys can differentiate between the two. Now it's already a pain in the ass to recycle to begin with, but I do it because of environmental reasons to help the planet and whatnot, but the last 2 weeks they haven't been taking them and I haven't changed how I recycle, so now I have a huge collection of cardboard and assorted bottles and cans that I can't do anything with, or can I?....

So fuck the planet and fuck Halifax and fuck your idea of recycling all is going in black garbage bags from now on. Fuck You very much!

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