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What is with men trying to smell pretty?

A guy sat next to me and almost choked me. A recent study concluded that men wear cologne because of an insecurity. They want people to like them so they wear a scent. It went on to say men were tricked into this false sense of security, lol, be happy in your own skin guys.

To me there would be noting more embarrassing and humiliating than me stepping on a bus or going to a bar smelling more like a real woman than a real man.

And speaking of real women whats with all the fatties in hrm? They complain of being fat but they're sitting by the table fulls at the restaurants gorging their fat faces on argyle street. Yeah they want to loose weight. They tell their friends that, and forget about it 10 minutes later. They have only themselves to blame for their barrel bodies. I would rather screw the cushions on my couch than climb aboard the SS Fattie. —stopstinkinupthebusandfattieslooseweight

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