Rules Must Be Tempered with Reality

This is not so much of a "bitch" as a heartfelt concern and fear.

Now that Halifax is bubbling with thousands of university students and young family cyclists with baby(ies) in carriers on board on back, I have false expectations appearing real (FEAR) as a car driver. I try to ride my bicycle as much as possible but sometimes I take the car.

I have known three university students killed or seriously injured at crosswalks. I know the rules and I know who will be charged in case of a death and I also know who will be dead--the pedestrian or the "liddle chillen".

On the subject of crosswalks, I like the poster talking about the scramble system but, in the meantime, please, pedestrians, stick your arm out before descending to the curb (just in case the car driver doesn't see you) and parents, could you launch a bright red flag or piece of material off the back of your baby carrier and possibly a big bright sign (Baby on Board) on the back of the carrier? —Hopingtopreventdeaths

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