Bed Bug Rant

I'm fortunate not to have any bed bugs in our house but I swear to God every time I turn around there's some story in the news about bed bugs, where they're turning up, how they're impossible to get rid of, etc... Now everywhere I go I think I see bedbugs. We're hearing how they're shutting stores and offices in NYC due to outbreaks, how they are showing up in movie theater seats, apparently in cars now, etc,.

I can't stand the thought of travelling and staying in hotels. What about taking an airplane? If you've done everything you can to avoid bedbugs/check for them when in a hotel what about the douche-bag whose luggage is lying up against yours in the overhead bin? What if their luggage is full of bugs, can they spread to yours?

Is this the plague of 2010 or is it just another case of the media fear mongering? Is there no way to get rid of these fucking bugs? Is it a new mutant strand that's immune to all chemicals known to man used to get rid of bugs? This ain't Starship Troopers... break out the DEET and zap these crawlers.

There's a time and a place to be environmentally friendly, health conscious, etc. Find some fucking spray/poison or whatever and start killing these little bastards before they start to spread disease (if that's possible).

My condolences to those that are facing this problem right now. I heard it's a bitch to deal with. —Gross

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