A Gangsta Don't Need No Motive

A pizza delivery driver was murdered in Dartmouth over the weekend and the police can't figure out a motive.

Let me help. Gangsta's are looking for street cred. Nobody shoots someone dead for twenty bucks because they happen to be short of cash. They shoot someone dead for twenty bucks because they want to show everyone else that they're bad ass playas. That's why Jason McCullough was murdered just down the street. Some fool trying to build some street cred.

I see it differently. Any five year old with a handgun can shoot someone dead. It happens frequently enough. Likewise any tool can wait in a dark corner and shoot an unsuspecting and unarmed pizza delivery driver dead. Tragically, this also happens frequently enough. I'm not impressed.

The motive is street cred, but sadly, this kind of violent act against an unarmed and unsuspecting innocent only highlights our budding gangsta as a weak and insecure individual with feelings of inferiority and powerlessness - in other words dickless. This is bad ass? No. This is wimp ass.

Nonetheless, this 'public enemy' should be found and bound and tossed over the railing of the MacDonald Bridge some dark and dirty night.

Now THAT'S street cred. —You gotta saddle up your boys...you gotta draw a hard line

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