Zuckerberg, you are so dumb. really dumb. fo real.


So I logged in today, as per usual, and as I am browsing through mindlessly, I notice something different. Instead of seeing the usual "See Wall to Wall" I see they've replaced it with "See Friendship". Apparently it takes you to a whole other fucking page basically dissecting every iota of similarities between two users. Really? And don't even get me started on how many times they try to switch up the fucking interface on us. I cannot even start to explain how annoying this is, so I'll put it in the wise words of Kingsley (bitch):

"It's like, if I would move to Africa after I have been in American for 2 damn years, when I came from Japan and I'm sittin' up here learning the customs and shit and then as soon as I get settled, you wanna ship me off to some damn Egypt"

Zuckerberg, we just wanna stay in America. Get your shit together! —He's Climbin in yo interface, switchin yo' shit up!

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