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There are a lot of stupid people out there...

I can't stand it when people use someone's death to get attention on none other than FACEBOOK. Yes you knew this person and it's friggin' shitty they died but do we really need an hourly play by play of how 'depressed' you are? You barely even talked about this person until they died. I can see maybe one status update at the initial shock/loss but there's no need to continue to ask for people's sympathy and cheesy condolences. People who are legitimately depressed do not blast it everywhere. It's a very personal thing and fakers make people who actually have this illness look crazy/bad. And what's with directing comments to the dead person, not even in a memorial group but on your own Facebook wall? They're not going to see it! A lot of people aren't going to see it, like you know, their family. I can somewhat understand posting things in a memorial page as it can help you or let the family know you're thinking of them or whatever, but seriously, not your own wall FFS.

Then there's those people who support people who are in jail or are under investigation... "Keep ya head up" is a common phrase. How about "you broke the law and now you're paying for it"?

I'm sick and tired of seeing "FREE [insert name here]" when they did in fact break the law and are serving time for what they've done. Anyone under 20 read/watch the news anymore? People you least expect can be accused of the worst crimes imaginable, with a lot of evidence and people will still say "FREE JOHN SMITH!" Why on earth would anyone, just because they're your friend, get taken out of jail with no questions asked? Even if the person did do the crime, their friends still Facebook their hardest to try and get them out of jail. That's not the way the world works.

I hope I don't come off as being heartless or whatever, as I am far from it. I bawl my eyes out all the time over people dying, when I didn't even know them. Just the thought of people losing someone they loved and feeling so helpless just gets to me and anything to do with animal abuse, I'm crying for hours. I just can't stand people who use such things to get attention. Go and ask for the comfort of your friends and family IN REAL LIFE. If they're your real good friends, they'll come. Don't ask for sympathy from your 1000+ Facebook friends who aren't actually your friends.



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