Attn Waiters/Waitresses: It's called a TIP for a REASON


In response to "I don't want to pay to serve you" 's post on Nov 1:

Customers are not obligated to tip you upon visiting a restaurant. You are still being paid a base wage, and tips are just that - TIPS that we, the customer, are not OBLIGATED TO PAY. People should tip when they feel the waiter or waitress has provided exceptional service. They should NOT tip because they are "supposed" to. Tips are not included in meal prices for a reason.

Just because you don't tip doesn't mean that 1. you are a student, or 2. you don't have the money to tip. Have you ever stopped to think for a moment, IDWTPTSY, that people might not be tipping you because you're doing a shitty job? —Tired of tipping crappy waiters/waitresses because I'm expected to

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