Ghost Hunters


That door moving a few centimeters really freaked me out too. I mean, I've never seen a door move by itself. What could possibly cause a door to move by itself besides a ghost anyway? It's just not natural.

And the spike on the EMF meter, that was some freaky shit. It's not like there's tons of electromagnetic fields around us all the time, that must have been a ghost too. After all, EMF meters are famous for their ghost detecting capabilities, they were basically designed for that purpose anyway.

That's some hardcore ghost busting equipment you got there. I wish my digital camera was so advanced that it could take pictures of things that don't exist too. But that ghost you took a picture of sure looks an awful lot like a lens flare, what's that? Ghosts are actually tiny orbs of light? I'm convinced.

What's that thermometer for? Oh right, obviously if the temperature drops there's a ghost around. I'm glad your super high tech thermometer can tell the difference between a draft and a ghost-draft. Spooky.

I love the EVP game! Lets jack the gain up, record hours of silence, and then see how many words we can hear in the static! If that doesn't work, lets try listening to the tape backwards! You know, ghosts talk in reverse all the time just to fuck with you. —boo

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