Power Trippin' Baldy Fellah


I'm surprised your friends even want to be seen with you, since you're so stupid, ugly, and tasteless. And your girl friend, who may or not be girlfriend, and I guess this applies in general to all your friends: Have you heard of the waitress test? "The way your date treats a waitress is the way they will treat you in six months".

Loser ugly guys are mean to hot girls like me because they know I would never get with them, and so they power trip. He must have written some lame indie film or something obscure I've probably never even heard of or have mom and dad's money for you guys to want to hang out with that loser.

Waitressing is just my day job, LOL, and I certainly don't know anything about art like you hipsters do- WHAT A JOKE! And even if I didn't also work in the arts also you shouldn't treat people like that, you pompous asshole.—Yer Ma

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