Access Hell


I hate Access Nova Scotia with all my life. I got revoked for one year for driving while suspended, I didn't even know I was suspended and now I have to wait till fucking April.

I hate that place with all my life, I'm sick and tired of bad things happening to me, and honestly a suspension for an expired insurance! What a fucking scam, Come on NDP lets give the innocent drunks ignition immobilizers so they can keep on driving, yet the people who lost their jobs among other things who cares. I hate the Government, never voting again. And Access Hell has the rudest overpaid government workers I have ever dealt with.

Honestly I hate that place, and I'm never voting again! I had a perfect driving record no accidents no tickets nothing since I started driving 4 years ago and because of an expired insurance ticket on an old car I'm fucked, Can't wait to give the greedy insurance company 400 bucks a month, Probably would have been cheaper to go kill somebody in an Accident, After all insurance money can replace lives. Considering all the shitty car smashing drivers out there. Oh well who cares life's unfair. Someone throw me off a bridge please! And All of you government workers can go straight to hell you tax money sucking leaches! Sick of giving thousands in taxes to everything I don't support! I guess that 4 grand I gave u for two stupid tickets wasn't enough BURN IN HELL. —screw this shit!

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