A dying breed

More of a lament than a true bitch:

I don't like buying/downloading music online. I miss the days of great record stores with huge selections, wicked music playing overhead, and aloof clerks who KNEW something about music.

These days, record stores suck and the only way to get new and great music is by stealing it online or using a lame e-store to buy it.

It just doesn't compare to thumbing through racks of discs at the record store. Having that new CD in your hands and opening it to read the jacket. That first listen in your discman on the way home.

It must have been SUPER cool in the days of vinyl shops. Sadly, my entrance to the scene traversed the tape - CD transition. Regardless, CD stores are now DVD stores and the true indie record store is a dying breed.

Sigh. —iMusic resister


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