Bitch about a bitch


This is to everyone who commented on a "shut up in the library" bitch that has ever said something along the lines of "WHY DONT U GROW SOME BALLS AND TELL THEM TO SHUT UP"

Fuck you guys!!! Do you honestly think us students just sit around and accept people talking in the quiet rooms while angrily building up a sweat and shaking it out into our keyboards to write a bitch?? NO! I don't let it happen and I know many other people don't either. We are not all spineless tools with the inability bring up the courage to tell others to be quiet (and instead write a bitch).

The whole concept of a QUIET room in a library is that it is supposed to be QUIET. It's no problem to say, "hey, could you mind shutting the hell up?" but the point is that WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. THIS is why we bitch about it!! Rules of common courtesy are to be quiet and respectful while others are studying ESPECIALLY in a library. What were saying in our bitches is that were sick and tired of people disrespecting us and not following the simple rules that are posted throughout the entire fucking library.

See I can tell these fuckers to shut up + write a bitch about it at the same time, but how would you idiot commenters know? You don't. You DON'T KNOW the story of what happened (whether we asked the people to be quiet or not) because us bitchers haven't told you. So screw off with the advice/bitches about a bitch!! STOP commenting "ahhhh another library bitch"; "grow some grapes"; "a simple hey can you be quiet is all it takes..."; etc. on other people's library bitches and making us even more pissed off than we already are!!!!!

This needed to be done on behalf of my fellow student bitchers. —Reppin' respect

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