Pervert at large

This is our fucking police department:

Apathy and idiocy must be rampant in departments other than murder investigation if they haven't caught the sleep watcher yet. It's been two years. Police budgets INCREASE every year. What have they done? They've released four sketches of dude's face, one of which is here (, and they've told us to keep your windows and doors locked (victim blaming).

Where are the sting operations? Where is the 'intelligence'? Hey coppers: Why aren't you keeping me safe from a perverted rapist? He's touching women now. He could end up in my bedroom next. I can't be absolutely sure my roommates will always remember to lock our doors and windows, and really, that's not our job! We deserve to feel fucking safe when we fall asleep!

So here's what I propose: Don't be victims, sisters! Act like you're part of a sting operation, even if the police didn't care about you enough to set one up. Keep a weapon on your bedside table, next to your phone (to call those asshole detectives AFTER this fucker appears in your house). Use the weapon (self defense). Buy some acrylic or oil paint in a bright colour and mark his clothes with it before he gets away so he can be better identified if cops pick him up around your hood. Keep a flash camera nearby and use it on his face.

After all this, and after giving a police report, call the media. Call a reporter you trust to keep your name off the record. The police will likely tell you to stay silent, but why should your trust them when their shoddy detective work allowed a rapist to enter your apartment? They don't release enough details. The public needs to know more. If you tell your story to a reporter, they'll spread significant details far and wide so this fucker can be caught -- not by the police but by people like you and me.

If others can't catch him, at least the women he's preying on can dissuade him from ever doing this again. Make him easy to identify and aim low. —Sting

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