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Look, I understand that another loss of life is nothing short of a tragedy, but lets be real about this. If you CHOOSE to go close to the edge of those rocks when it is stormy, rainy, hell even on nice days, then you CHOOSE to accept the risk of what may happen when you tempt Mother Nature.

Putting up a fence, or barricade will do nothing to deter anyone. Fences can be climbed over, barricades can be jumped over, and forget the fact that it will take away from the serene beauty of why people even go there to start with.

All you can do is what has already been done. Warning signs about how dangerous it can be to climb on the rocks,and even more so when it is rainy, and slippery.

I really hope they don't give in to this and start changing the face of the Cove.

I say let Natural Selection take care of those who want to look Mother Nature in the face and take her on. —Don't temp Mother Nature - you will LOSE!!!!

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