Truck on the 102


WTF! It's monsoon season, and the dealerships are all sold out of common sense should tell you:

1. Slow down on the roads when it's raining.
2. Don't tailgate.
3. It gets darker earlier with the time change so adjust your driving habits.

To the mindless fuck in the truck on the 102 highway who did a flip/holy fuck/roll and ended up with the truck upside down during rush hour traffic blocking all outbound traffic...did you even stop for a second while you were speeding and wheaving in and out to think "This might cause an accident." Or was that your intention....cause an accident, hold up rush hour traffic outbound from Halifax for over an hour, and piss off everyone trying to get home to their families.

The officers interviewed witnesses and your insurance company will love to hear what they said. You sir should NEVER be allowed to drive again. —RoadRulz

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