This bitch goes out to the irresponsible 40 someting bleach blond in the Windsor St. Sobeys parking lot on Tuesday November 9. You were wearing black boots, a black jacket and had a black umbrella ( which was completely blocking my vision of you and your daughter ) in the dark on a rainy night. You walked out in front of my car and almost hit it, the only reason I noticed you was because you dropped the umbrella to scream obscenities at me about how irresponsible I was, how much of an asshole I was, and that pedestrians have the right of way in a parking lot. (nice language in front of your daughter, I'm sure your mother would be proud)

You may have the right of way, but it is not yours to abuse. You still have to look out for traffic, you don't have the right to walk blindly into the lane-way in front of someones car, then scream at them about how irresponsible they are. Nice lesson you are teaching your daughter, I'm sure she will grow up to be as stupid and ignorant as you are.

Even if I was driving like an asshole as you so eloquently put it, (which I was not, I was in first gear driving less than 5 km per hour) it's your responsibility to protect yourself and your family member. You can have the right of way all you want, if you walk out in front of someone like that and get hit/hurt or killed, What good is the right of way going to do for you?

I will pay my 160 dollar fine, use my first accident forgiveness on my insurance and won't even be late for dinner. Wow you have the right of way. Congrats!!! —Sick of irresponsible, ignorant pedestrians

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