Lunch and coffee and your pit bull

My friend and I were downtown, each enjoying a 5 dollar latte and 7 dollar sandwiches. Between us, on the ground under the table, was my friend's dog, a gentle rescue greyhound, enjoying the sun. I see you and your two pit bulls, one off leash, come around the pillar. Your dog surprised and growled at my friend's dog, right next to her ear in her "personal space", who reacted by defending herself. Your dogs jumped on my friend's dog, growling and bearing teeth. The table upended, and we lost two sandwiches on the ground and two lattes, spilled all over.

Do you think you should have apologized, made sure our dog was OK, or offered to pay for the 25 dollars worth of fucking lunch your dogs spilt on the ground? And then we had to buy another round of coffees and sandwiches. So out 50 bucks for lunch now.

Please control your goddamn dogs. At the very least use the leash, or next time I call the police, and we know how they feel about pit bulls jumping on other dogs, right? —Wheelie Effing P

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