Remembrance Day greatest hits

Here are some things that you should avoid doing during the moment of silence at a Remembrance Day service:
1. Checking your BlackBerry.
2. Groping your significant other (get up early and you'll have time to fuck before you leave the house).
3. Whispering lame witticisms to the person next to you and laughing (or work on your material).
4. Taking photos with your phone.

I'm pretty sure that we can all do this if we put our minds to it, but if for some reason you can't, please don't show up next year. (Luckily enough, all of the worst offenders left about halfway through. What a surprise.)

Also, a special frown of disapproval goes to the motorcyclist who went down the street behind the square like five times really slowly, revving the engine the whole way. What's your story? —Let's have a moment of PEACE to remember the victims of war and regret its horrors

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