Inattentive parkers deserve to be towed

Further to an earlier bitch about towing, and impound fees and having our driveway blocked numerous times each year…the latest offender should consider themselves lucky. Sure our driveway is narrow and hemmed in by two large trees. There is, however, a curb cut and a vehicle protruding between two houses.

Last night I only needed to get to the supermarket to get seafood to take home to my family for my first visit in over two years. By the time the police showed up and tried to contact the owner (whose wife apparently was "frantically" trying to get in touch with her husband), they then contacted us to see if we wanted it towed but by then it was too late. We didn't have them towed as the store was closed and it would have been futile. Sweet justice, maybe, but futile.

If it had been tonight it would have cost me a $50 taxi ride to the airport and hopefully I would have caught my flight.

Pay atention to where you are parking, and if you are towed suck it up. The towing company may be making the bucks, but in my experience the police at taxpayers' expense are far too reticent to have a vehicle towed. In this case they attempted to contact the owner. In a previous case thay had me had me try to find the owner in the church hall!

Moral of the story. The police are more concerned about you getting towed than those you inconvenienced. If you get towed suck it up. —Blocked in

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