Surf's up, so shut up

So I'm looking in The Coast and wow, The Urban Surf Kings are playing!!!!! Great! I arrive at the show, find a place to stand, the music starts and then... some woman with white hair (maybe grey) talks and talks through the whole fucking show. What the hell? These guys only play like once or twice a year and you had the nerve to talk loud through the whole thing. It was a short show, so could you not control yourself for such a short time?

I even moved to the other side of the stage area and still I could hear you. I have never seen (or, rather, heard) such disrespect for someone's playing. Just so you know, the moments when the band stops for a second or two are meant to be silent. It's part of the damm tune—silence is an element of music you dumbass, especialy surf guitar! And you even had the nerve to talk when the lead Rev. Hank played a ukulele solo which was not even amplified at all (so cool). So SHUT THE #$@% up already! If I see you at another show I will tell you what a frigging loud mouth you are ! —Thanks for ruining my night!

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