Turn your high beams off, jerks

Look, I understand when you're driving down a dark highway and there aren't any street lights, you might wanna flick on your high beams to light up a road a bit more. But when there's 10 other cars visible on the road, hell if there is even ONE other car on the road, just fucking turn them off!

Especially if you're driving up behind someone and taking your dear, sweet time to pass them! All I could see in both my rear view mirror and my side mirrors was a blinding, bright white! Thank god all I had to do was keep driving straight, because for a good 15 seconds of driving at 100km/h, I could hardly see a thing except your headlights, let alone the fuzzy aftermath you get after having a light shone/reflected into your eyes.

I could have been a jerk too, and flicked my high beams on as soon as you pulled in front of me after passing, you know. —Blinded

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