Worst birthday of my life

I was turning the big 3-0 and was kind of depressed about it (wanted to stay in my 20s forever). You all promised you'd make it special to make me feel better. I didn't want any huge event, I just wanted my friends there to hang out and drink with me. My birthday was on a Friday and I notified you guys the previous Monday of what we'll do. All four of you agreed. "See you Friday" you basically said.

Thursday morning rolls around and already one friend bails on me. Thursday night, bailing friend #2 tells me something about leaving a day earlier than she though for a vacation with her boyfriend. Not fucking impressed!

The morning of my birthday, the two remaining friends notified me they were still coming, but one worried that she wasn't feeling good. At around 8 that night, I don't hear from either one. So I messaged them. Friend #3 says she's feeling so sick she might throw up and can't make it. Friend #4 never messaged me back all night! This made me worried that something happened to her, but the next day I found out she just went downtown with someone else! Apparently she lost her phone and "forgot" it was my birthday! That one I call bullshit on!

You ladies are incredible douchettes (especially you, #4!!)!! I spent the entire night, drinking by myself, waiting/hoping for at least one of you to show up after all! Thank you so fucking much! On each of your birthdays I was there to celebrate with you. So where the fuck were you guys on my birthday? Not with me, that's for fucking sure! —Tired of shitty friends

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